Residential Pool and
Landscape Design Services

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What We Do

We work with you to create a conceptual design that captures your ideal landscape and outdoor living space and provide you with a master plan of the spatial layout and approximation of materials. The design process is completed in three phases:

The Initial Consultation

Meet with the designer at your residence or project site to discuss your ideas, objectives and requirements for the design and analyze the site’s character and features. We recommend that you complete the “Design Checklist” and send it through our website or have it ready to discuss at the consultation meeting.

Conceptual Design

We create a conceptual design using 3D modeling software that captures your ideas and design choices in a realistic representation of your landscape and outdoor living space. After visualizing your design, you may want to make changes and we will work with you to get your design the way you want it.

Master Plan

A master plan of the conceptual design provides a complete spatial layout; plan sets for plants and irrigation, electrical and lighting and drainage; and approximation of materials needed for your landscape and outdoor living space design.

Design Fees

Fees vary based on the lot size and complexity of the conceptual design and master plan for the project. We require payment at each phase of the design process as follows:

Initial Consultation

30% of the total fee is required at the initial consultation meeting only if you choose to use our design services.

Conceptual Design

40% of the total fee is required upon receiving a link to the conceptual design video.

Master Plan

30% of the total fee is due upon receiving the PDF file of the master plan.